Background and definition

Global temperatures are on the rise and the search is on to find methods to mitigate the situation. Biochar is one suggested method. It combines two unique features; an ability to store CO2 as carbon in the ground and simultaneously to act as a soil improver.

Agriculture has been the main considered market for biochar, however future scenarios include a diverse number of applications such as biochar's ability to adsorb pollutants; act as a replacement for peat; act as a catalyst for processes in compost; function as a building material.

The term biochar is of recent origin. Current usage implies the use of biomass as feedstock for production of char, the use of this char in soil as a soil improver and use of the char as a mechanism for long-term storage of CO2.

Company activities

Company activities on biochar span from feasibility studies to production and use of biochar in various applications.

Currently the company leads a three year biochar field trial at Haslemoen in VĂ¥ler kommune. The field trial is set up to uncover two determining parameters with farmers for their use of biochar in agriculture. This is crop yield and reductions in fertilizer.

Biochar, a soil improver and long term storage medium of CO2.